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Our Team

V&A is proud to include professionals from different educational backgrounds: lawyers, business consultants and advisers, engineers of unmatched legacy

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Avv. Maria Pia Vismara

Founder & CEO

Milano ( Italy ) Dubai ( Arab Emirates ) Lugano (Switzerland)

Avvocato- Italian Bar - Swiss Bar - New York State Bar - American Bar Association - International Bar Association

International Law, cross-border commercial agreements, international trading and Sale of Goods, oil & gas Transactions, Petroleum contracts ( Upstream, Midstream, Downstream )

Dr. John M. Akhtar


London ( UK ) Dubai ( Arab Emirates )

Business Advisor


Avv. Domenico Radice

Avvocato- Italian Bar

White Collar Crimes and  Criminal Defense

Dr. Giovanni Olivieri

Geneva ( Switzerland) – Dubai ( Arab Emirates )

Raised and educated in Switzerland Petroleum Projects Developer – Financial Architect and Adviser - Banking and Finance

 Commodities, Precious metal trading  - Agricultural Projects Consultant

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Avv. Giovanni Di Domenico

Avvocato- Italian Bar

Of Counsel

Civil  and Corporate Litigation

Labour Law

Tax Law and Litigation

Eng. Alberto Vismara

I.T. Business Consultant

Milano ( Italy ) 

Data Protection and Security - Vulnerability Assestment, Pubblic  and Private Cloud implementation ( Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud specialist ), implementation of high level software security systems, Network Assestment Analyst, ERP Business Analyst


Avv. Massimo Giannoni

Avvocato- Italian Bar

Milan ( Italy ) - London ( UK )

Brexit Area

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