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For you and your family

Due to Brexit UK citizens could face increased delays, legal costs and uncertainty for cross-border disputes in family law areas, cross-border divorce, and cross-border successions.

Family law agreements which apply between the EU countries stopped applying to the UK on 31 December 2020.

If you have any cross-border law case involving people living in Italy, you should consider that the rules have been changed, but you can rely on our support to find the right solution for you

The European Certificate of Succession  The ECS is a document delivered by an internal authority, such as a Notary, outlining the key elements of a cross-border estate administration.

It includes a breakdown of the beneficiaries’ shares, the attribution of assets, and the powers of executors and administrators.

The European Certificate Succession (ECS) was created by European Succession Regulation 650/2012 which is that one law should apply to the entire estate administration, no matter where the assets are situated. 

The ECS  is recognized in jurisdictions which have signed the European Succession Regulation: all EU Member States are signatories, except for the UK, Ireland and Denmark.

If you have a cross-border succession problem involving assets in Italy, the rules have been changed, but you can rely on our advice to find the best arrangement for you.

Post Brexit Cross-Border disputes

Due to Brexit, the legal framework existing across EU countries governing cross-border disputes has fallen away and has not been replaced by any legislative arrangement.
You could need to enforce judgments in Italy or find some documents from Italy to carry on your cross-border lawsuit.
We offer a procurement service of documents from authorities and public bodies, their translation and legalization to be produced in cross-border disputes

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For your business

We can help you improve your business supply chain to be able to provide your products or services.
We can help you set up a company in Italy by assisting you throughout the process: locating the headquarters, opening a current bank account, and providing the necessary legal assistance in relation to carriers, suppliers and customs procedures.

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