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Setup Company

The economy of the Arabian Gulf states are among the most dynamic in the world today.
And in contrast with some other emerging markets, the Gulf States have a superb 
infrastructure and sound banking systems.
Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman, have becoming exciting and promising places to do business.

Dubai is strategically located at the crossroads of trade and commerce between Europe and the Far East.
It offers an excellent opportunity and attracts foreign companies 
A very high standard of security and quality of life has also been a major factor in attracting overseas investments.
A very important aspect of Dubai ‘s appeal is the fact it contains all the facilities modern businessmen and woman may require.
One of the main factor in attracting is no government taxation.
   •    Companies set up in Dubai and Emirates
   •    Companies set up in the Free Zones
   •    Offshore Companies formation
   •    Joint Ventures
   •    Franchising
   •    Arbitration



Our mission  is legal and business assistance, in English and Italian language, for the Italian companies during their start up in Dubai, in the Arab Emirates and in the Gulf,  to advice them in the initial set up structure, helping them to choose the right location, in the setting up company or to create legal entities for their business operations, helping them in the stipulation of agreements and contracts, in buying and selling real estate, identifying and offering the best possible solutions for their needs.
Among our mission , the strategic coaching to a marketing aimed to attain the excellence. 

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