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International Contracts and Agreements

We assist and advise our clients to govern and grow their business, supporting and advising them to manage their existing deals and commercial relationships.
Our lawyers are extremely skilled at negotiating and structuring complex transactions drafting and suggesting on a complete range of commercial contracts domestic and international.
While drafting, we work close to our clients to provide business and contract solutions that matches their requirements as to reduce as much as possible the risk of future litigation.
As we help people through their expansion into new markets, we support them too on their commercial arrangements and strategic alliances.The Firm is specialized in preparing and advising on a full range of Commercial agreements including  Memorandum of Understanding,  Heads of Agreements, Share Acquisition, Business Management Agreements, Commercial Agency, Distribution and Supply Agreements, Joint Ventures Agreement, Shareholders Agreements, Share or Assets Sale and Purchase Agreements and all the Commercial Agreements  clients deal with, and represent them before Judicial and Arbitration Courts.
Our lawyers are commercially minded and experienced in advising on joint ventures , cross- border or domestic,  planning, especially if with partners from different jurisdictions, all aspects to be considered from the “ letter of intent” to the business structure to be used ranging from contracts  ventures to joint stock companies or free zones companies.


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