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Data Protection & Privacy

The processing and transferring of personal data in a secure and lawful manner, has become extremely important and challenging for businesses globally. Not only because of the severe sanctions on non-compliance under the GDPR but also because of its ever expanding character.

Being able to effectively communicate with the authorities, handle complaints from individuals, and defend your case in a possible investigation, should form  an integral part of your business strategy.

We are able to draw on our experience and hands-on approach to not only advise our clients on the letter of the law, but also to add value to your  business through providing practical data protection and privacy strategies.

 The Firm offers assistance on the correct application of the legislation on the protection of personal data in the conduct of business and in all professional activities. It assists the customers in preparing the necessary documentation based on their activity and their needs – including information, requests for consent, processing authorizations, appointment of data processors, privacy policy and cookie policy, processing of queries to the Privacy Guarantor – and in the adoption of suitable measures in application of current legislation. It also assists the client both in the pre-litigation phase (with assistance during inspections) and in the litigation phase before the Privacy Guarantor or the ordinary judiciary.

Furthermore, the professionals of the Firm have gained a consolidated experience such as D.P.O. of companies and entities, public and private, problem solving  even of troubleshooting of complex hardware and software IT matters.

The sanctions and potentially high fines pose a significant economic risk to companies concerned. Therefore, whatever your business, it is essential that you adapt and comply with current and future obligations, which vary depending on the nature of the files and the purpose of the information being gathered.

We specialise primarily in the following areas:

  • compliance with the GDPR Law;

  • client-side and provider-side IT contract negotiation

  • Assistance and consultancy to implement right cloud solution;

  • assistance with the information/consent process;

  • producing standard clauses/internal rules;

  • designing principles in relation to spamming/e-commerce/opt-in/opt-out;

  • Data protection assestment , vulnerability Assestment, penetration test ;

  • Implementation of cyber security  analysis and storage of sensitive data;


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